Welcome to the World of Artificial Flowers and Plants

Historically artificial flowers were crafted by Chinese. Thousand years ago they used silk to create flower blooms. During the Silk Road, imitation flowers were brought to Europe. The idea to produce floral replicas was widely spread by Italian merchants in 12th century. The French soon mastered the art of floral making and by 15th century their faux flowers considered to be premium. During the French Revolution, some floral artisans escaped to England, where British continued the trend. Later, English settlers had brought artificial flowers to America. 

Today we still call simulation botanicals “silk flowers” or “silk plants” even though now they made of much more practical materials, such as real-touch plastic, latex, polyester and EVA. With help of artificial flowers you don’t depend on seasons, you don’t have to see them wilt and die. They are totally carefree - no need for sunlight, fertilizers, watering, and replanting. Everlasting faux flowers and fake plants can fill any dark corner with natures beauty. What’s best is many artificial plants and faux flowers are now UV-resistant and can decorate your space outdoors.

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